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Our mission

Food fraud with adulterated honey of low quality is a serious problem for beekeepers, since they have to sell their authentic products for lower prices. The economic damage is estimated at $1 billion. For consumers it is difficult to recognize fraud.

TECHONEY is a EU research project that develops innovative IT solutions to certify authentic honey products along the supply chain and protect quality labels in local and international markets.

Stakeholders participate in our TECHONEY Living Labs to help us create solutions that meet their needs.

Stakeholder Integration

HONEY INNOVATION AND LEARNING COMMUNITY LAB (HILE) involves interested Stakeholders in a participatory design approach.

The STAKEHOLDERS, representing the honey supply chains will be selected and invited for setting up the platform. Once per year the stakeholders will be invited to a session. These annual sessions will include some PARTICIPATORY DYNAMICS and keynote speakers to address some of the hot topics in the supply chain organization. A TOOLKIT OF METHODS, resources, and GOOD PRACTICES for stakeholder interaction will promote a successful multi-stakeholder approach during the project lifetime.

Blockchain Techonology

In recent years, multiple blockchain based food production system have been proposed to offer high level of transparency, traceability, trust and lower level of fraud.

Deploying a blockchain system in the food industry is still at an early stage and facing two main challenges:

  • Data privacy of stakeholders in the supply chain

  • Scalability due to the increasing number of peers, transactions and channels in blockchain

TECHONEY will investigate how to increase trust among honey supply chain parties to guarantee the honey quality, safety and sustainability.

Characterization of quality of honey​

TECHONEY performs a full physical, chemical and sensory characterization of honey sampled from five participating countries in terms of contaminants and microbiological quality.

This analysis supports authentication and traceability and can also detect adulteration with sugar.

Kick-Off Event in Zaragossa

The project parters have met in Zaragossa for the two-day kick-off event at CITA, presenting the work packages and nominating members for the coordination board.